Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A sweet begaining

A Marvelous Trousseau blog is my personal fashion blog. This is a place that I can push my self and my art with fashion. I have become bored with plane jean and tshirts every day and can sew, so as my new years goal is to make a new out fit every week. With every complete outfit I will be removing something old from my closet.

The plan will be to post 3 to 4 times a week. Saturday posts will be a run down about what I am planning for my next outfit and what has inspired me for this outfit. Wednesday (after Project Runway :) will be the run down of the things I have gathered and hopefully started the cutting. Friday is when the outfit will be pictured and maybe worn if it isn't being saved for a special event. During the Friday post I will talk about what about what I made and how I added things to make it an outfit. I will keep up with any pattern changes or sewing problems I have as I go. If there is some interested I will also have in depth info how the sewing of the garments.

I hope this blog will inspire you to look at the world around you and break out of the plane and boring fashion we all get stuck in.

P.S. I will also be posting my first done outfit late tonight or tomorrow.


EclectikSoul said...

Cool goal. I'll be checking in on your progress. Taking up a sewing class is one of my resolutions. I love fashion and I'm a very creative person, but I never fine tuned my sewing skills. I think you will be an inspiration :-)

Lindsay said...

Great idea, and one I might borrow. I really need some impetus to sew my project list.